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About the Publisher: 

My inspiration for publishing the 50+ Lifestyle website and magazine publication(s) was my Mother (photo insert), as I reached out to protect her, I found many older seniors often take a back seat through our legal and healthcare system as they age. During this time I didn’t know how to protect someone I love nor did I understand the legal system, let alone someone with dementia, the Alzheimer’s disease where currently their is no cure.

MarthaMazolaParkAs my Mother became more fragile in health, I experienced what I was not prepared for such as sibling financial abuse, greed among other family members, and how to protect someone you love from experiencing sibling and caretaker elder abuse.

Through this, I made a promise to my Mother, and the 50+ Lifestyle Magazine was created to help educate seniors through many resources to care for aging parents before a crisis takes place, protecting your parents assets (and yours), planning for retirement, health & fitness, home trends, etc; to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

In 2009 the first printed magazine – Vivacity, “Living the 50plus Lifestyle” was published. A publication content driven (75% content / 25% advertisements) and complimentary to our readers in Upstate, NY. – In 2012, the first 50+ Lifestyle Conference was produced giving baby boomers and seniors an opportunity to attend seminars/workshops on various topics related to aging and resources as they plan for retirement. The event included 50 vendors to showcase their products and services. In 2014, the 50+ Lifestyle Magazine was published and launched in Northern, NJ – along with producing a conference focused on Boomers and seniors living within Bergen County.

Prior to becoming publisher, my career was in the Healthcare industry for over 25+ years starting with Medline Industries selling medical supplies, devices and disposables, durable and surgical medical equipment. Advanced into management and further my career becoming the director of sales and marketing, and VP Sales for Tele-Medicine through VSI, a subset of health IT technology that refers specifically to remote clinical services prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

Our mission continues to keep the promise made to my Mother and her memory alive by partnering with companies to help provide highly relevant and updated information and resources to young seniors and their aging parents through our website, events, and our printed publications to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

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